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West Inn & Suites Selects OPERA Xpress and OPERA Business Intelligence Suite

The 86-room West Inn & Suites has selected the MICROS OPERA Xpress Property Management System (PMS) and the new OPERA Business Intelligence (BI) as its next generation technology solution. West Inn & Suites has successfully implemented MICROS OPERA Xpress, and will implement OPERA Business Intelligence in August 2009.

The West Inn & Suites, winner of the American Hotel & Lodging Association 2009 Star of the Industry award for Best Guest Service for a small property under 100 rooms, required a system to support its tradition of superior guest service and provide reporting customized to its business. MICROS's OPERA Xpress, a derivative of the proven MICROS OPERA PMS, allows the West Inn & Suites to design a property management system configured to its distinctive needs and budget. Because it is based on the feature-rich OPERA PMS, OPERA Xpress will expand with the West Inn & Suites' growing business needs. This flexible solution allows the West Inn & Suites to work with its existing systems, adding additional functionality with OPERA Xpress.

With the implementation of MICROS OPERA Business Intelligence, West Inn & Suites will improve its forecasting ability and efficiency, as well as track data to compare results based on a variety of factors. West Inn & Suites is particularly impressed with the superior reporting capabilities of OPERA Business Intelligence, which allows it to receive near real-time feedback, as well as clean and process large amounts of data to satisfy the most demanding reporting requirements.

"We place great emphasis on creating a warm and hospitable environment for our employees and guests alike," says Kim Akers, general manager, West Inn and Suites. "With MICROS's OPERA suite of products dependably controlling many of our hotel functions, we will be able to apply greater focus on enhancing our guest services."
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