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Wendy's Releases Mobile App for Nutrition Conscious

Wendy's is releasing a new mobile application that allows customers to personalize their meals based on the amount of calories they choose. Resource Interactive, a digital marketing agency based in Columbus, OH, worked with Wendy's to develop the new app.

Customers can create meals in two ways: by selecting a calorie range suitable to their dietary needs that prompts a list of meal options, or by building a meal by choosing specific menu items to reach their calorie goals. Customers can then personalize each menu item in the meal, just as they can at any Wendy's restaurant, all on their smartphone.

The first edition of the mobile app is available free on Apple App Store and Google Play and via Mobile Web at Features include:

•    Additional nutrition information for each individual menu item selected;
•    A "Favorites" section where customers can store their best menu creations; and
•    Geo-location to locate nearby restaurants so customers can turn their virtual meal into reality.

Future editions may include expanded nutrition information, digital couponing and mobile payment.   

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