Wendy's Franchisee Simplifies PCI Compliance Process with Remote Installation Assistance

With the formation of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), a standardized guideline was established to help organizations implement proper network security to protect cardholder data. Busy doing what they do best, quick service restaurant (QSR) operators find little time to devote to PCI compliance standards. Typically not experts with technology and network related issues, many business owners have found it highly advantageous and cost effective to outsource their compliance needs. Although RDR Foods was informed of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) through letters from its acquiring bank and Wendy's corporate, the steps to achieving compliance were complex and seemed overwhelming. Looking to simplify the process, RDR Foods took the advice of a fellow franchisee and contacted BHI Advanced Internet to inquire about the SecureConnect solution.

Like many, Wendy's franchisee RDR Foods put off PCI compliance for a long time. "I dread projects like these, so I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of implementation BHI Advanced Internet provided," says Ron Ross, owner of RDR Foods. Ross worked with a BHI Project Manager to complete the installation remotely. The Remote installation service includes phone assistance to aid with configuration of the SecureConnect appliance at each store.

Ross's main objective was to see that RDR Foods achieved PCI compliance. In addition to this, the core SecureConnect services have created a secure network solution for his organization. Utilizing the easyPCI package offerings, Ross implemented a managed firewall, logging and reporting, anti-virus protection, secure Wi-Fi and other services at each of his restaurants. "Our store locations didn't lose a beat simply because the SecureConnect installation process went so smoothly," says Ross. Developed to ease demands of franchise owners, the installation process does not interfere with business transactions. "BHI has the experience and knowledgeable staff to ensure my business is in good hands," says Ross.

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