Wendy's Franchisee Receives FSTEC Technology Innovation Award

Wendy's FourCrown Inc. received an FSTEC Technology Innovation Award for its complete Digital Restaurant. Their Digital Restaurant is comprised of WAND indoor and outdoor Digital Menu Boards and WAND NextGen POS software. The award was presented to FourCrown on February 23 in Long Beach, California, during a ceremony at FSTEC, the annual Foodservice Technology Conference & Showcase produced and managed by Nation's Restaurant News with Robert N. Grimes of Accuvia.

"FourCrown, by deploying digital menu and marketing technology in the drive-thru as well as inside at some of its restaurants, has created a dynamic means of communicating product and branding messages to all patrons by season, month, week, day or even daypart," says Alan J. Liddle, Nation's Restaurant News' technology editor and a member of the FSTEC awards committee. "A restaurant-wide system of digital menu and marketing boards is innovative in that it gives FourCrown the ability to use multimedia messaging, with its attention grabbing powers, and program the delivery of such content for maximum strategic or tactical impact, while also simplifying the updating of product description and pricing information for a faster response to market conditions," saya Liddle.

In the Wendy's FourCrown Digital Restaurant, the attractive high-definition displays are ten times more likely to catch the attention of customers. The customer-facing displays on the indoor POS terminals and the outdoor Order Confirmation Display (OCD) screens utilize Conversational Ordering and confirm the customer's order back and suggest combo and up-selling options.

The outdoor digital Point Of Purchase (POP) Board and all digital three panel outdoor Digital Menu Board feature high definition sunlight-readable, climate-controlled screens. These screens feature content that can be fluidly updated, rotated, and arranged to compliment product offerings and new promotions to drive sales. Both units have been built to withstand extreme temperatures. The Wendy's community has been an innovative QSR partner with WAND for 20 years now.

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