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WATCH: Rom Krupp on How to Improve Order Accuracy, Cope with Labor Shortage

HT caught up with OneDine Founder Rom Krupp to discuss a few the challenges facing the restaurant industry, including the quantity and quality of employees.
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HT caught up with OneDine Founder Rom Krupp at MURTEC 2024: Total Intelligence to discuss a wide range of topics:

The unified commerce engine for restaurants  has two big initiatives:

  • On the Go, or OTG Tablet, that includes tableside ordering and payment (25 seconds)
  • Order Accuracy.  Did you know - 25% of all orders have missing items?  Don't be one of those brands.  Krupp explains how OneDine can help. In fact, users have seen a 15% improvement. (1:06)
  • Among the biggest challenges facing the restaurant industry -- QSR, fast-casual, and full service -- is labor -- both quantity and quality of employees, Krupp explains. (1:37)




Restaurant operators have leaned heavily into technology. Having an open system is critical. Krupp explains that OneDine is truly open, focused on no-cost, open APIs, and works with 70 other tech vendors.  In fact, OneDine is a member of Restaurant Technology Network  With OneDine's open API, other  systems  can get the data in real-time.  


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