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WATCH How AI is Changing the Game in Restaurant Technology from MURTEC 2023

Don't miss this MURTEC 2023 session featuring Bradley Metrock from Project Voice and Jon Stine from Open Voice Network about using AI and machine learning in restaurants.
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At MURTEC 2023, the breakout session Powerful Voices: How AI is Changing the Game  was a lively discussion around restaurant use cases for AI and machine learning, from drive-thru and KDS to staffing and inventory.

This session explored how restaurants are tapping voice to streamline operations, and how this technology may evolve to serve up even more efficiencies in the near future.



This was one of the dozens of session at MURTEC 2023.  Check out the Trend Report: MURTEC 2023  Rewind for a full recap of the three-day event. 

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For a recap of the three informative days of MURTEC,

Don't miss the  Trend Report: MURTEC 2023  Rewind

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