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WATCH: Custom Business Solution's Tipped Distribution Model

As Custom Business Solutions celebrates 30 years in business in 2024. Jeremy Julian, CRO talks about what's new in 2024 and industry trends.
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As Custom Business Solution celebrates 30 years in business in 2024. Jeremy Julian, CRO of talks about what's new in 2024 including its:

  • new all-in-one kiosk solution,
  • tipped distrubtion model, 
  • and earned wage access and more. 


Plus restaurant challenges, and how CBS is helping restaurants solve these labor challenges. 

Did you know -- 90% of a restaurant's employees live within 10 miles of the restaurant?

Integration Battlefield 

Restaurants have a lot of solutions so integrating is a challenge, Julian explains. The average restaurant has over 10 to the POS, he says. 

CBS Northstar continues to work to solve restaurant challenges & innovate. 

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