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Want ROI? Restaurant Accounting Requires Unique Solutions


Integration continues to be a top challenge for restaurants. What should operators ask of technology partners to solve or alleviate this issue?

JOHN MOODY: Not all partners and integrations are created equal. There is a spectrum of integration options. Don’t be satisfied with a simple, “Yes, we can integrate,” answer. Operators should ask a few additional questions of technology partners:

  1. Is the technology partner open and integration-friendly or closed and walled off?
  2. How does the technology partner provide integration options? Request specific details regarding what data can be integrated and how it flows.
  3. How are these integrations supported? Is there a specific support and release strategy to ensure that the integrations work and are maintained properly?
  4. Talk to others using the platform you are evaluating. You can always ask for references, but the vendor is always going to connect you with customers who are ensured to give you a glowing reference. It pays to ask around and find your own references. 


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