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WAND Corporation Partners with LG Electronics

WAND Corporation has announced a partnership with LG Electronics to directly sell and repair LG LCD Screens to WAND Corporation's QSR and Fast Casual customers. With WANDisplay, LCD screens replace static menu and POP boards, engaging customers and driving up sales. The WANDisplay solution has grown so quickly that a more extensive relationship with an LCD manufacturer was required. After meeting with major manufacturers, WAND Corporation found LG Electronics to be the best choice for quality, value, and available screen sizes.

The demand for new technology in the QSR and Fast Casual community has lead to a new type of real time marketing. WANDisplay Digital Customer Engagement is the answer to that demand. The Digital Customer Engagement solution makes changes fast and easy with 100 percent compliance and remote access allows WAND Corporation to update the screen in moments. The eye catching LCD screens grab the customer's attention, offering a perfect opportunity to promote products to an attentive audience while shortening their perceived wait time.
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