Volante POS Systems Announces Wireless POS Solution for Linux

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Volante POS Systems Announces Wireless POS Solution for Linux


Volante POS Systems offers a Java based, wireless point of sale solution for Linux that can be loaded onto small wireless devices. By using PC notebooks the entire POS software is loaded onto the unit and it runs as a terminal with peer to peer capabilities, data synching and more.

Marrying wireless mobile computing with Linux helps the bottom line in many ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Wireless hand-held units mean decreased time is spent for servers during the order taking process; therefore increasing table turns.
  • Increased productivity of serving staff translates into decreased labor costs.
  • Food costs are decreased due to more accurate order taking and less waste.
  • Increased up-selling opportunities via serving staff having more time with customers.
  • With traditional, stationary restaurant POS systems, time is wasted as serving staff stand in line waiting their turn at the terminal. With wireless mobile computing, each order is transmitted instantly at the table via a wireless hand-held device, allowing serving staff to go directly to the next table.

Wireless mobile computing from Volante offers other important and innovative features. For instance, the menus on the hand-held are the exact same menus on the traditional register. The databases are in sync with one another. Operators don't have to program their hand-helds, it's an extension of the host computer. This approach is less expensive because it doesn't require separate servers for hand-helds and traditional registers, translating in even more savings for hospitality operators.