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Violet Defense Technology Launches New Tool to Kill Germs in Hotel Rooms Using UV Light, Motion Sensor Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Violet Defense Technology, an Orlando-based startup that incorporates the proven germ-killing power of UV light into its patented technology, today announces the launch of its first product from the Surface & Air Germ Elimination (S.A.G.E.) product line. S.A.G.E. UV is a new anti-microbial line of germ-killing products that combines a broad spectrum of UV and violet blue light with motion sensor technology and artificial intelligence to automatically kill germs whenever a room is unoccupied.   

The patented S.A.G.E. UV System effectively kills up to 99.9 percent of the most common germs, including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella and Norovirus, from as far as three meters away. By combining UV-C, UV-B, UV-A and violet blue light, S.A.G.E. UV optimizes the amount of the germ-killing energy delivered through the air and onto any contact surface. This causes inactivation of microbes and inhibits reproduction, effectively preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.  

S.A.G.E. UV is designed to bring clinical-level cleaning to spaces that have not previously had cost-effective options for deploying UV in their environments, including hotels, assisted living facilities, restaurants, cruise ships, schools, etc. The products are designed to run various cleaning modes from full artificial intelligence, where the system can automatically adapt its cleaning cycle to properly disinfect a room anytime it’s unoccupied, to pre-programmed cleaning times depending on the operational needs of each facility. The S.A.G.E. UV anti-microbial line is available in three different cost-effective units, making it easy to integrate into almost any environment.

  • Anti-Microbial Whole Room Unit: With installation options for nearly any ceiling (commercial or residential), units effectively disinfect an entire room using the intelligent, autonomous control system or pre-programmed cleaning cycle.
  • Anti-Microbial Mobile Unit: Combines two whole room units with a mobile stand that allows users to easily transport the germ-killing power to any space or room. The whole room units can be deployed on opposite sides of the stand to provide nearly 360 degrees of coverage while disinfecting, or on the same side to provide high and low exposure cover of 180 degrees – particularly valuable when trying to disinfect underneath counters and elevated surfaces.
  • Anti-Microbial Bathroom Fan Cover: Replaces an existing bathroom fan cover to bring a clinical-level of clean to the bathroom spaces. The unit automatically transitions from controlling the bath fan, while the bathroom is occupied, to sanitizing bathroom surfaces once the bathroom is unoccupied.
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