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Vantage Selects Vizergy Website Content Management Platform

Offering brand members a cost-efficient solution to creating property-specific Websites while ensuring quality control, has provided unique challenges to a rapidly growing hotel chain that does not impose strict requirements on its member hotels. In a quest to find an effective solution that would increase the visibility of participating hotels within a family format that allows for the individuality demanded by its brand members, Vantage Hospitality Group recently chose VIZERGY's fully content managed platform, Web World Publishing. This turnkey solution ensures properties have the latest technology, including mobile capabilities, automated xml site maps for improved Google indexing and a multitude of content rich features, empowering properties to aggressively compete in today's hotel Internet marketing arena.

VIZERGY's proprietary website management application allows companies to update multiple websites from a single location, enabling Vantage to build customized sites for their members who choose to take advantage of this opportunity, without the extraordinary time and expense that would otherwise be required. The system enables Vantage to provide their properties (all of which are independently owned and operated) a brand-approved website that is search engine friendly, translating into robust marketing and reporting. The new partnership streamlines the Website development process, while shortening the learning curve for Vantage's IT Team to offer Web agency quality websites matched to brand recommendations with in-house turnaround.

"After months of intense research and looking at multiple systems, including a cost-benefit analysis on developing a ground-up in-house solution, we looked closely at VIZERGY and discovered they had the perfect solution," says John Burkard, V.P., distribution and technology of Vantage Hospitality Group. "We needed an enterprise solution that could be deployed quickly and efficiently, that allowed for complementary brand image and comprehensive reporting capabilities. It was important to ensure that our members have a choice to use the best tool available to leverage the Internet and generate more sales."

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