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Using Smartphones for Making Restaurant Reservations Rises 35 Percent

Three in five (60.9%) mobile users say that they use their smartphones for all functions of their daily life, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics, up 34% from a year ago. Meanwhile, the percentage of users who say they use their smartphone only for basic functions is down a whopping 85%, indicating smartphones are growing even more intertwined with people’s lives.
Further, it appears that mobile users can’t even disconnect when on vacation. 82.6% say they take their smartphone/tablet with them and use it all the time, up from 71.1% last year. Further, usage is up across a variety of activities such as checking email or entertainment. Checking in for a flight is up 52% year-over-year and making reservations for restaurants or attractions is up 35%.    
Smartphone or Tablet Usage for the Following While on Vacation
2013 Indexed to 2012 (Adults 18+)
Checking in at an airport ahead of time -- 152
Making reservations for restaurants or attractions -- 135
Entertainment while traveling (on a plane, in the car, etc.) -- 132
Posting photos/status updates to social media -- 128
Searching for local restaurants or attractions -- 126
Entertainment while on vacation (at the beach, in a hotel, etc.) -- 124
Checking work email -- 122
GPS/Maps -- 122
Keeping in touch with those back home -- 117
Checking personal email -- 111
Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics
To be read as: Score of 100 is flat to Adults 18+; Score of 105 indicates score is 5% higher than Adults 18+.

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