UniFocus Releases Latest Innovative Features to Level Up Workforce Management

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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UniFocus, the leading provider of Workforce Management Systems,  announced the features in its latest release for the platform. The 10.4 release continues the enhancement efforts offered by the version 10 platform, which are focused on giving businesses the tools needed to meet the demands of today’s labor market and make managers’ lives easier. 

Release highlights include: 

·      ShiftGenius, an innovative shift filling and flexible scheduling tool 

·      Enhanced attendance points and events, for progressive discipline 

·      Custom notifications, for customized insights and action 

·      Survey platform updates, enhanced survey solutions to validate your efforts 


“As the gig economy continues to grow, ShiftGenius is the first step to helping employees balance their work and personal lives by selecting shifts to work,” said Mark Heymann, CEO of UniFocus. “Our continued focus on making operators’ lives easier drives our innovation and this release exemplifies that direction, with ShiftGenius, attendance points and events, and more. The more time managers can spend focused on guests and employees, the better.” 

ShiftGenius builds on existing functionality to provide UniFocus partners a tool to offer increased flexibility in scheduling while ensuring confidence that the needs of the business are being met. Only UniFocus can provide an advanced feature like ShiftGenius, because of the underlying system on which it is built that automatically generates optimized schedules with hours allocated in shifts. Find coverage quicker by filling shifts across your entire labor pool. And meet the needs of the current labor market calling for more flexible schedules. All in one tool – that's genius! 

Attendance points and events is an evolution of an existing progressive discipline feature set, revamped for easier management and visibility. Not only are they easier to see and review with cards, tiles, and navigation panes, but managers can now create customized documentation to be attached to any of the events.  

In the continued effort to equip managers with real-time insights that help them make better informed decisions, faster, the latest UniFocus release adds enhanced notification options. Custom notifications are designed to supercharge the insights that managers are already receiving daily via their daily digest from Odin - a personalized digital assistant. Operators can set labor variance notification thresholds and customize the delivery method via email, push, and/or SMS, to the user’s preference. 

New enhancements to the UniFocus survey solutions platform also include the survey campaign manager, survey response system, and survey dashboard. The survey campaign manager is a templated, easy-to-use tool to help operators launch employee engagement pulse surveys in a snap. In a tough labor market, employee retention is just as important as attraction. The survey response system manages guest survey responses, customized and organized in batches. The new survey dashboard brings survey data together in a visual and easily actionable format.

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