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UniFocus Launches Odin, an Intelligent Assistant for Hotel Operators

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UniFocus, a provider of workforce management systems, announced the launch of Odin, an intelligent assistant specifically designed to equip operators with the relevant, timely data they need to make the best decisions every day. Odin’s analytical insights are unique to each manager, allowing for quick action on controllable costs, service quality risks and performance successes.

Using a fully automated process that pulls data from UniFocus’s Labor Management and Time and Attendance platforms, Odin generates and emails a simple and actionable view of demand projections, past performance and critical issues that need to be addressed each day.

“The current labor shortage is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges affecting the industry, and hoteliers are in need of solutions that deliver quick and targeted insights to make the best use of available resources,” said UniFocus CEO, Mark Heymann. “Odin pulls intelligent reports that serve as an extra set of eyes to help prevent any oversight in service quality or staffing risks. We are proud to offer these capabilities at a time when hotels need it most and look forward to seeing hoteliers leverage Odin to easily assess their day, using his insights to make better informed decisions that optimize their businesses.” 

In addition to providing daily occupancy projections, Odin also highlights open shifts that may require a staff schedule realignment. Shift swaps and time-off requests that need to be approved are noted as well as overtime hours by pay period to ensure maximum scheduling efficiency. With the added inclusion of an actual versus forecasted labor use analysis, Odin allows hoteliers to see how accurate their forecasts were and make necessary adjustments in a volatile environment.

Odin’s performance and compliance snapshot is the first of the assistant’s capabilities and UniFocus is excited to grow his impact potential for partners. Odin exemplifies UniFocus’s commitment to provide partners solutions, not just software.

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