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UniFocus Donates Knowcross Task Management Suite to the NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality

Woman using UniFocus software

UniFocus, the leading provider of Workforce Management Systems, is today honored to announce the donation of its suite of Knowcross task and workforce management solutions to the NYU School of Professional Studies Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. Representing the latest advances in hotel operations optimization, access to Knowcross technology as part of the Tisch Center’s curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs will ensure that students gain the first-hand experience they need to succeed in today’s increasingly complex hospitality environments.  

Knowcross solutions by UniFocus will be integrated into the Tisch Center’s Hospitality Innovation Hub, a cutting-edge portal hosting a range of technologies currently used by hotels around the world. Serving as a virtualized representation of a modern hotel business, the Hospitality Innovation Hub notably goes beyond traditional courses by providing students with the ability to discover how various industry platforms can influence performance across multiple departmental areas.  

“Our hospitality program strives to not just provide students with theoretical knowledge but to also empower them with real-world experience, with access to solutions such as Knowcross, offering a unique opportunity to learn how hotel operations and staff can be managed more effectively,” said Vanja Bogicevic, Director of the Hospitality Innovation Hub at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. “UniFocus, with its suite of Knowcross platforms, will undoubtedly prove to be a tremendous asset as students learn how to navigate recent industry challenges such as the labor shortage. Our partnership with UniFocus will further allow students to discover new and innovative ways of reimagining the future of hospitality workforce management in order to address rising expectations of both guests and hotel employees.”   

Knowcross solutions to be made available to NYU SPS hospitality students include: 

  • Knowcross Housekeeping-  Leading to double-digit improvements in staff productivity as a mobile-enabled platform that automates housekeeping task assignments and updates completion status in real-time. 
  • Knowcross Service- Ensuring the swift and effective management of guest requests to maintain consistently high service quality and satisfaction rates. 
  • Knowcross Glitch- Providing hoteliers with the means to effortlessly track, investigate and resolve service issues before guest experiences are negatively impacted. 
  • Knowcross Maintenance- Offering hotels the seamless ability to organize and oversee all onsite maintenance needs, with intelligent automation that ensures increased asset life while reducing operational downtime and repair costs.   
  • Knowcross Inspection- Bringing hotel operations management into the 21st century by providing staff with the ability to review inspection checklists via mobile device, with managers automatically notified of completed inspections by email.   

The priorities of managing a hotel business continue to evolve at an ever faster pace, so we are very honored that the Tisch Center sees the value our solutions offer in preparing future industry leaders to be able to adapt to shifting industry workforce needs,” said Moneesh Arora, CEO of UniFocus. “The unique learning experience that Knowcross solutions provide include the ability for students to see firsthand how the latest technologies can balance both guest and staff needs in order to run a profitable and adequately staffed hotel operation. In the next phase of our collaboration, UniFocus is also very pleased to donate our Labor Management and Survey Solutions to ensure that the students of the Tisch Center of Hospitality have the opportunity to gain experience using cutting-edge, staff performance-enhancing technology.”

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