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UberEATS Debuts Restaurant Manager

Restaurants around the globe have identified the same problem: it has always been difficult to figure out what customers actually think about their meals and service. Is the pad thai too spicy or not spicy enough? Is the risotto dish working?
In Singapore, YOLO Food restaurant owner Alexis Bauduin said his risotto dish was a good seller but saw that this was the one dish with the highest rating variation on UberEATS. Alexis realized that the kitchen struggled to keep the dish consistent, so he opted to use his kitchen’s time more efficiently and is now using UberEATS as a testing ground for new strategic directions like larger meal options and new dishes like acai bowls.
To help more restaurants gain better insights into their own operations, UberEATS debuted Restaurant Manager. The company is launching this tool for restaurant partners globally to use as the single place for managing day-to-day operations, digging into feedback and information that results in data-driven decisions. Restaurants will have access to insights about their service quality, customer satisfaction, and sales alongside access to the tools to make specific adjustments to improve their business.
Over the last year, the company has been building on the UberEATS experience as it grows in more cities around the world. Thanks to its restaurant partners’ feedback, the company has made it simpler for restaurant partners to control order flow, manage menus and improve exposure. Its commitment to restaurants extends beyond helping restaurants grow their customer base with efficient and reliable delivery, to sharing actionable data and tools to help improve their business.
“On demand partners like UberEATS are revolutionizing the restaurant industry as mobile trends continue to grow," says Trung Nguyen, Owner of Co Nam Restaurant in San Francisco. "In addition to access to customers, UberEATS has a treasure trove of data that can provide valuable insights into consumer spending trends.  With their feedback, we cut our prep time 10-15 minutes, which has been a transformational change for our business as we start to get better at making informed decisions and anticipating demand. We are thrilled that our work with UberEATS has led them to build an analytics tool for restaurants like us to continue to improve and grow. Now, UberEATS is nearly 20% of our business and we can’t wait to see what is next.”
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