Uber to Provide On-Demand Delivery

Uber is now offering its on-demand delivery service, UberRUSH to bring a faster-than-ever delivery option to thousands of restaurants that use online and mobile ordering.

At the flip of a switch restaurants will be able to tap into a massive network of local delivery drivers and start fulfilling more delivery orders, more efficiently, while at the same time greatly reducing their costs.

With help from business platform partners Shopify, Clover, ChowNow, Bigcommerce and BloomNet as well as local on-demand ordering platforms like delivery.com, millions of owners can integrate on-demand delivery into their businesses. Here’s what UberRUSH helps them do:
  • Order and track deliveries instantly: Ken and Don Sofer, owners of NYC burrito favorite Blockheads, uses UberRUSH to follow thousands of lunch and dinner orders from kitchen to customer every day. “It allows us to do what we do best. Before we even make the food, the UberRUSH guys are sitting here with a backpack on, ready to take it.”
  • Expand delivery zones: Healthy food spot Indie Fresh delivers nutritious, chef-prepared meals on demand and maintains product quality while serving all of Manhattan from one brick and mortar location. CEO Shom Chowdhury has been able to expand business “without the cost and infrastructure needed to grow it.”
  • Integrate with existing tools and platforms: Sister-owned boutique Sam & Lex uses Shopify to process online orders and UberRUSH to deliver them. The sisters say their clients are “obsessed with UberRUSH”  because they are able to see an item online and “try it on at home 20 minutes later.”
ChowNow’s partnership with UberRUSH enables restaurant clients to get ahead. With over 60% of ChowNow’s orders placed from a consumer’s mobile device today, ChowNow forecasts that on-demand delivery will soon be the next key feature that restaurants should offer to get a leg up on the competition.
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