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Two-way Integration Links Five Guys' POS to Mobile, Web Ordering Channels

Five Guys Burgers & Fries stores that run MICROS RES 3700 will now be plugged in to a mobile and online ordering service powered by OLO Online Ordering.
The two-way integration with MICROS RES 3700 allows orders and payments to transmit to the POS in real-time and menu data, pricing data, and tax data to transmit to the online menu listed at and on mobile apps and popular websites across the Internet.
In 2010, OLO created a similar two-way integration with Radiant RPOS. Today's step empowers another major retail software player with a connection to the mobile, online, and social world through OLO.
"One of the things we value most about OLO as a third-party online ordering provider is that OLO creates a unified consumer experience and a powerful, online management platform that ties into each of our point-of-sale platforms at the store level," says Steve Teller, OLO project manager at Five Guys Burgers & Fries.
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