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Travelers Predict Top 10 Ways Travel Will Change by 2030

A new survey unveiled by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase asked Americans to imagine the near future and predict what the travel experience could look like. Their top predictions map out a different journey by 2030:

1. Hologram Personal Trainers: Thirty-seven percent of travelers think a hologram of a personal trainer will help them get their exercise.
2. Digital Passports and Face Recognition: Some 58 percent of travelers surveyed believe passports could become available for digital devices and 50 percent believe human face recognition technology could replace passports altogether.
3. Underwater Hotels: Among travel experiences of the future, 40 percent think underwater hotels might become more of a reality in the next 15 years.
4. Space Travel: Thirty-five percent of those surveyed believe it’s a possibility to travel to a destination in space–with men more likely to make this prediction than women (40 percent vs. 29 percent).
5. Eco-Travel Destinations: Seventy-one percent of travelers agree that Americans will choose “Eco-Travel” destinations for vacations.
6. 24/7 Virtual Hotel Concierge: Sixty-one percent of travelers believe it’s possible that hotels in the future will cater to their guests through 24/7 virtual concierge services.
7. Digital Payments: Over half (58 percent) of all Americans predict smart watches and other mobile payment options will rise in popularity for travelers.
8. Personalized Mobile Travel Guides: Nearly half (47 percent) of all travelers believe personalized mobile travel guides will become available in the future.
9. Extreme Hotel Experiences: About half of all travelers (51 percent) believe extreme hotel experiences, such as a private hut over the ocean or taking a zip line to your treehouse will be possible.
10. Transatlantic Trains and Flying Cars: Travelers are skeptical that transatlantic trains (26 percent) and flying cars (24 percent) will become travel options by 2030.
The nationwide phone survey commissioned by Marriott Rewards Credit Card reached 1,000 travelers (18-67 years old) who stay in a hotel at least five nights per year for business, pleasure or both.

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