TransAct BOHA! Offers Checklist and Timer Tools Free to Restaurants

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

TransAct Technologies Inc. is offering its BOHA! Checklist and Timer tools free to restaurants amid the COVID-19 pandemic. BOHA! is the first single-vendor solution combining apps to streamline and improve restaurant operations in one fully integrated platform. The Checklist and Timer tools specifically help restaurant employees adhere to stringent cleaning and cooking processes in this time of heightened caution, and reduced labor force.

Restaurants, Convenience Stores and other Food Service Operators can visit or contact [email protected] to learn more.

These solutions empower operators to manage the procedural changes that have taken effect as a result of COVID-19 and TransAct provides these tools to restaurants free of charge during this time.  

The BOHA! Checklist app automates daily food safety and operational task management as well as regular maintenance and audit procedures. The Checklist gives employees a complete method to view, perform and record tasks increasing accountability and overall workflow.

BOHA! Timer is an easy to use application to create timers for any activity that requires time tracking from cooked and cooled food, to non-food items that require tracking such as routine cleaning and waste removal.


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