Touchland Hand Sanitizer Launches eCommerce Platform

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
This IoT-enabled smart hand sanitizing dispensers offers hotels, casinos and restaurants a hands-free solution for guests and employees.

Touchland, the hand sanitizer brand disrupting its industry with sleekly designed, high-quality products for consumers and businesses, today announced partnerships with major brands in retail, fitness, food and beverage, hospitality, and corporate office space. Also announced, the company’s groundbreaking B2B product, the “KUB,” is now available through the Touchland for Business eCommerce platform, reinventing how businesses purchase this solution.

Hospitality customers thus far, include: Sweetgreen, Joe and the Juice, Blue Bottle Coffee Standard Hotels, Four Seasons, and AKA.

The sleek and contemporary-looking hands-free KUB is becoming a mainstay for businesses seeking to keep shoppers and employees safe with uniquely crafted hydrating and germ killing formulas. The “KUB” was designed by company founder, Andrea Lisbona, who has overseen the growth of B2B sales from 10% of Touchland’s 2019 total sales to a current rate of 50% in six months.

Touchland and its KUB dispenser are re-imagining how businesses can provide hand sanitizer. The Touchland KUB features include:

  • IoT technology/staff time savings: A proprietary app and IoT technology send refill and low battery alerts to your phone saving hours of staff time visually inspecting dispensers. Up to 20,000 dispensers can be monitored at once.
  • Brand visibility: Brands can customize KUBs to create an even more memorable customer experience. Branded KUBs can be found at RXR Realty’s Rockefeller Plaza, Purple Mattresses’ retail stores, and AKA properties among others.
  • Luxury and beauty: the KUB is strikingly designed and enhances any public space. It comes in multiple colors and is available in a Basic package ($199.00) or Premium package ($249.00). Refills cost $25.
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