TouchBistro Expands Mobile Payment Support & Releases Bilingual iPad POS App

TouchBistro is now seamlessly integrated with iZettle, a mobile payments provider in Europe and Latin America. The TouchBistro solution is designed to work as the heart and operating system of a restaurant. It streamlines operational efficiencies, and helps to improve the bottom line and overall customer experience. Servers use the TouchBistro app to take customer orders tableside, or while patrons are in line, and instantly transmits them to the kitchen or bar for preparation. Bills are automatically calculated and split according to the patrons' requests.
iZettle offers an easy way for restaurants to process card payments using mini credit card chip and pin and contactless Readers. With iZettle integration, bills totaled by TouchBistro are automatically processed using the iZettle iPad chip and pin or contactless card readers. This provides the greatest payment convenience and security for patrons, while eliminating staff time for manual bill re-entry and lost revenues due to bill calculation errors.
TouchBistro features a full suite of cloud reporting tools to further streamline restaurant operations, from seating and scheduling to inventory, payroll, and sales analysis. Total revenue and cost aggregate is calculated by TouchBistro as an end-of-day summary that can be broken out into the categories that work best for the restaurant – such as food, liquor, soft drinks, and dessert – for sales analysis, inventory restocking, and business accounting. 
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