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Toast Restaurant POS Partners with PeachWorks to Create Seamless Back-of-the-House Experience

Toast announced a partnership and integration between its Restaurant POS and PeachWorks. Together, Toast and PeachWorks will provide restaurant operators with scheduling and inventory capabilities, empowering restaurants - from SMB to enterprise - with a seamless back-of-the-house experience.
PeachWorks has a complete suite of integrated apps that puts users in control of every key aspect of the back-office, taking the guesswork out of restaurant management. PeachWorks Scheduling allows staff members to view schedules, trade shifts, and manage availability requests over the internet, email, or via mobile text. PeachWorks Inventory combines the simplicity of managing inventory on a spreadsheet with the power of a fully integrated, mobile, cloud-based solution.
Through the integration with PeachWorks and Toast Restaurant POS integration, users will be able to:
  • Configure dashboards: using an easy drag and drop interface, set specific preferences and easily keep tabs on actual versus scheduled labor
  • Send internal and external messages: easily update staff about schedule changes in real-time
  • Set enforcement windows: require a manager's approval when an employee tries to clock in or out beyond the specified range
  • View real-time updates: gain visibility into business rule conflicts and overtime alerts in a single display window
  • Obtain visibility into inventory: with the ability to easily track items, add receipts for items purchased, declare prep, run powerful reports to track large variances and determine cost of sales, users can manage inventory items and recipes, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and profit margins
Toast offers advanced functionality to manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, including quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting and labor management on an easy-to-use interface. The platform also features revenue-driving tools including physical and digital gift cards, loyalty programs and online ordering.
To learn more about Toast and PeachWorks, visit:
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