Telkonet, Volara Create Voice-Controlled Hospitality Environments

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Telkonet, Volara Create Voice-Controlled Hospitality Environments


Telkonet Inc., creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent automation solutions, has teamed with Volara, a voice-based hotel guest engagement tool. Together, they now offer a hospitality environment in which guests are able to use voice commands to control intelligent in-room devices and platforms to set scenes within their own hotel rooms.

These scenes are able to incorporate one device or many different devices to create the exact environment that a guest requests. From changing temperatures, adjusting shades, dimming lights, adjusting the do-not-disturb and make-up-room signage and more, the integration advances hospitality experiential environments and guest comfort.

As part of the joint solution, hotel operators are able to configure ‘scenes’ and ‘commands’ that will allow guests to choose their comfort level and environment. These settings will be customized to the EcoSmart Platform devices deployed and the capabilities provided within the hotel. Through enabling controls within the hotel that mirror what guests are now deploying within their own home, the hospitality industry is demonstrating its’ willingness to engage with guests’ technology needs and desires while also providing ‘smart’ and sustainable environments.

In addition to the abilities provided, guests’ selections and use of the platform will be tracked and trends identified to enable operators to create new, and even more intelligent, uses of the platform integration. Through Telkonet’s EcoSmart cloud-based services, hotels will be able to expand energy and operating efficiencies while maximizing guest experience.

With this new integration, Telkonet and Volara strive to move hospitality technology forward in new ways and provide even more possibilities for their partners and customers. Volara provides an easy, fun way for guests to request services, get recommendations, and generally engage with hotel staff and services without the hassle of picking up the antiquated landline telephone still found in every hotel room.