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Taco John's Adds Fried Chicken Brand

New franchise sub-brand Cluckin' John's to launch on June 14

Taco John’s is entering the fried chicken wars with its own unique twist.  On June 14 Taco John's introduces Cluckin’ John’s, a stand-alone sub-brand that will offer the Fried Chicken Taco.

“We are thrilled to be the first brand in our category to debut this exciting Fried Chicken Taco concept," said Taco John’s Chief Marketing Officer Barry Westrum. “... Fried chicken in a tortilla is a total game changer! It’s bold and distinctively delicious, because the flavors burst through the tortilla, rather than getting lost in a bun.”

For now, chicken lovers can order Fried Chicken Tacos a la carte, as a combo meal or in multi-packs at their favorite Taco John’s. The Cluckin’ John’s concept is being franchised. 


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