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Swissotel Chicago Cuts Beverage Costs with Liquor Tracking Solution

Following an implementation earlier this year, the Swissotel Chicago finds Capton's RFID-based Beverage Tracker business solution to be an almost immediate way to reduce liquor costs. Renowned for its architecture and location, the AAA Four-Diamond Swissotel Chicago is a poster child case of a property fully maximizing the benefits of the Beverage Tracker business solution, incorporating tight POS controls in conjunction with Capton's POS integration application for matching pours against what has been rung up.

"The reliability of pouring data and the conformance reports we can now easily run is a wonderful management tool," says Katy Kessler, assistant restaurant manager for Swissotel Chicago. "Some common problems such as substitutions and free drinks are disappearing. Capton has given us the ability to identify areas of concern right away and to operate far more efficiently."

"Capton's RFID-technology smart spouts provide a much needed way to reduce costs in these economically challenging times. We have actually overachieved our inventory cost reduction goals and have seen our liquor costs drop 3 percentage points," says Swissotel Chicago's Hotel Manager, Jack Breisacher. "Each point drop represents thousands of dollars annually. We believe the Capton contribution is clearly seen in revenue recovery and over pouring control."

Key elements in the Capton process are instructional programs for managers and bartenders to understand how the system works and to test their skills. The Capton team remains committed following installation, working with bar managers remotely, examining the results of liquor sales reconciled to actual pours, hunting for inaccurate pours, and maintaining scorecards for each bartender.

"The Capton technology has given us better insight into our beverage operations and has proven to be exceedingly useful in streamlining our operations," says Tim Herman, General Manager for Swissotel Chicago. "We are on track for even greater revenue assurance with the Capton system. There is no doubt that it is a business solution which assures rapid results and continued benefits."
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