SWIPEBY Becomes Ghost Kitchens’ Platform of Choice for Curbside Ordering and Pickup

SWIPEBY, a holistic ordering-to-curbside pickup platform, announced that its platform is now available for ghost kitchens and has launched its first deployment with HUBB Kitchens. HUBB Kitchens is a Raleigh, NC-based shared commercial kitchen with spaces for rent, helping local "foodpreneurs'' start and grow their businesses in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

“We are finding that SWIPEBY is the platform of choice for ghost kitchens to have curbside pickup and delivery because it gives them the ability to avoid high-commission delivery apps such as DoorDash and Uber,” said Carl Turner, CEO and founder of SWIPEBY. “As the ghost kitchen concept proliferates and greater demand for their services grows, there is going to be an increased need for an alternative curbside pickup and delivery solution. SWIPEBY is clearly that solution because ghost kitchens typically don't have a visible storefront. Our technology allows for customized notifications to the customer to let them know exactly where to pull up for the curbside & when the food will be ready. For the staff, they'll be notified when the customer arrives and what they'll be driving. A ghost kitchen that offers curbside along with delivery will win customers that want that service.

According to a report by Restaurant Industry & Market Evolution, 52 per cent of surveyed restaurants are considering setting up a ghost kitchen or some sort of delivery-only service as an offshoot of their brand. 

“The promise of ghost kitchens is very exciting and will be a big part of the evolution of the restaurant industry,” said Turner. “With this dynamic growth, online ordering and pickup and delivery will have to grow proportionately. We are very excited about working with ghost kitchens and especially HUBB Kitchens who has made a significant mark on the restaurant business in the Triangle area.”

“Our business has had robust growth since our inception in 2020,” said Jason Johnson, founder and managing member of HUBB Kitchens. “As a virtual space for ghost kitchens, we knew we needed an effective and economical way to offer curbside and non 3rd party delivery. SWIPEBY is the perfect partner, as it allows our members to reduce the cost of delivery, eliminate high third-party commission fees, and use its geofencing capabilities to better serve their customers.”

Turner feels that ghost kitchens will become more important to the long-term success of the restaurant industry and as a result ghost kitchens will have to rely on technology for ordering and delivery. “Ghost kitchens, probably even more than typical brick-and-mortar restaurants, will have to rely on technology to deliver on their promise of convenience and customer experience,” Turner said. “That’s why what we are doing is so significant and the proof-of-concept HUBB Kitchens represents is so important as this sector grows.”


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