SWIPEBY Adds Customer Loyalty Feature to Its Ordering-to-Curbside Pickup Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

SWIPEBY, a holistic ordering-to-curbside pickup platform, announced that it has added a customer loyalty feature to its platform to allow independent retail outlets such as restaurants and convenience stores to attract new and return customers.

“Now, independent retail establishments using the SWIPEBY platform can offer loyalty programs which have proven to be extremely valuable in attracting and retaining customers,” said Carl Turner, founder and CEO of SWIPEBY. “These programs are often the province of larger retail chains and operations because of the complexity of creating and implementing customer loyalty technology. By leveraging the SWIPEBY platform, even the smallest restaurant, retail chain, or C-store can compete with bigger players.”

According to research done by Review 42 in 2021, more than 90 percent of companies have a loyalty initiative of some sort. Digital Commerce 360 found in its research in 2021 that the biggest barrier to creating a loyalty program is competing priorities with 37 percent of retailers citing as such, followed by the lack of internal resources (24 per cent) and lack of IT support (19 per cent). Alas, loyalty programs provide solid payoffs as Bain & Company found in its research that increasing customer retention rates by five per cent increases profits by 25-95 percent.

The user interface of SWIPEBY’s customer loyalty feature is designed to create customer FOMO (feature of missing out) and to encourage participants to “chase the next reward.”  Customers will experience auto opt-in, strong UI incentives whether on the web or on a mobile device, and an auto reward calculator at checkout to incentivize return purchases.

Operators will find SWIPEBY’s customer loyalty feature is clean and easy to implement and allows them to have greater ownership of critical customer data that can be used for future marketing purposes. It also allows retailers to encourage on-and off-premise purchases typically at a higher ticket size as well.

The customer loyalty feature is flexible enough to fit the needs of any store by offering easy program updating if changes need to be made to the loyalty program, customizable conversion for point(s)-to-item or points(s)-to-cash discounts, and the ability to discount the entire cart or only specific items. Operators can offer rewards that feature $1 per point exchange, fully custom point to item or cash conversion, the ability to offer as cash off cart or specific items or as free items. They also have the ability to exclude rewards from other coupons, points, or promotions.

“By integrating customer loyalty program support in our platform we are giving our customers seamless and easy to execute loyalty programs that can help them attract and retain customers while increasing overall sales,” Turner said. “We are excited about the opportunities for us and our customers with customer loyalty.”

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