Sunridge Hotel Group Selects ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions for Enhanced Digital Key Functionality

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ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has been credited with maximizing the safety and convenience of guests at two newly opened Residence Inn by Marriott properties operated by Sunridge Hotel Group, with the implementation of VingCard Signature RFID locks equipped with Mobile Access technology and supported by the Visionline access management system. As a result of the installation, Residence Inn by Marriott La Quinta, California, and Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix West/Avondale not only have the advanced functionality needed to keep guests safe from harm while maintaining a seamless stay experience, but can also rely on the unmatched support services by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions to ensure continuous security and the smooth running of operations.

By adopting VingCard Signature RFID for both properties, Sunridge Hotel Group gains an advanced door lock system equipped with the latest in security encryption technology to prevent risks associated with unauthorized entry such as keycard cloning. Significantly, the solution’s future-proof design also provides Sunridge Hotel Group with the ability to instantly adopt contactless digital key capabilities which at the Residence Inn by Marriott properties, is made readily available to guests via the Marriott BonVoy app. This importantly allows guests staying at either property to side-step the hassle of checking-in at the front desk which doesn’t just represent needless time-consumption, but can also lead to the increased potential for germ exposure. Using their own devices, guests can instead check-in via the Marriott BonVoy app which in turn receives a digital key that allows guests to instantly and safely access their guestrooms.

Enhanced security and functionality aside, Sunridge’s adoption of VingCard Signature RFID also comes from the solution’s ability to seamlessly complement and enhance any hotel’s interior design. Seeking to avoid the commercial and bulky appearance of most hotel locks, Sunridge can instead leverage VingCard Signature RFID’s sleek and modern design to provide its guests with an attractive and welcoming hallway environment that enhances their overall experience.

“There are many factors that go into selecting a hotel lock solution that meets with current industry expectations, including not just enhanced security but also the ability to provide a more enjoyable, visually appealing and hassle-free hotel stay which ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions excels at and which is why we continue to value our relationship with them,” said Don Brooksby, Director of Technology at Sunridge Hotel Group. “Much more than just a hardware provider, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions also comes highly recommended by us for its ability to simplify operations with intuitive tools that eliminate any potential complications or guess work, while its responsive support services provide us with full confidence that any suddenly arising issue can be swiftly resolved.”

While recognized as a global company, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions also has a local presence in more than 166 countries around the world. This allows the organization to provide immediate support that is custom-tailored to the specific needs of each region, while benefitting from its worldwide presence to ensure a consistent supply of resources in order to keep client operations and projects moving forward.

At both Residence Inn by Marriott La Quinta, California, and Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix West/Avondale, the implementation of Visionline also provides staff members with the ability to maintain seamless, responsive and secure operations. For example, hotel staff can receive real-time alerts for any potential security threats requiring immediate attention. This includes alerts for a wandering intruder attempting to gain access on multiple doors using a stolen keycard as well as for a door that has been left ajar. Further enhancing guest convenience is hotel staff’s ability to use Visionline to extend guest stays or issue room re-assignments without first requiring a front desk visit.

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