Study Reveals Diners Prefer Tabletop Tech Due to Enhanced Experience & Security

E la Carte, Inc., creators of the Presto™ Smart Dining System™ for full-service restaurants, has partnered with Professor Alex Suskind, associate professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, on a research project related to guest experience with table-top ordering, entertainment, and payment devices. The study was conducted over 23,640 guest checks, 13,476 responses, and 21 restaurants. It highlights the rising trend of self-service technology, such as the Presto System, in restaurants and how it positively impacts the guest dining experience.
In addition, the study notes that guest-facing tabletop technology is becoming widely accepted by consumers, with many guests reporting they are more likely to dine at a restaurant containing this technology. The Presto System empowers the guests to control their dining experience, adds more security to payment transactions, turns tables faster, and increases overall check size average.
Consumers are demanding more control over their dining cadence, and the Presto System is a connected platform for people to pace their dining experience to their preference. Tabletop technology is guest-facing and improves the overall service quality as servers are able to amplify their hospitality efforts by leveraging the tool at the table. The study links positive guest feedback directly to pay-at-table technology, with 79 percent of customers saying the device improved their experience in the restaurant. The study also found a direct correlation between positive guest sentiment toward the device and an increase in server tip percentage.
Key Findings:
83 percent of guests reported that a tabletop order and payment device increased their likelihood to return to a restaurant
79 percent of customers stated the Presto™ Smart Dining System™ improved their dining experience, citing convenience, ease of use, and credit card security as some benefits of using the technology
More than 70 percent of customers who used the Presto System during their meal reported a positive experience
“We are seeing a phenomenon take place in the restaurant industry. Restaurants are shifting their service model and guests have more on-demand expectations,” said Professor Susskind, associate professor at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. “Technology such as the Presto System will play an integral role in how restaurant brands engage and interact with their guests.”
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