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Sticky Receipts Smatter Restaurant Kitchen Windows, Boosting Efficiency

When Guisippe Gambino and his family established LaPiazza Italian Restaurant in Lititz, PA, over 2 years ago, they approached Star Micronics to aid in kitchen printer selections and requested Star's TSP650 thermal printer, modified for MaxStick paper. The modified TSP650 was to improve kitchen efficiency and communication between the wait and kitchen staffs.

Utilizing MaxStick paper rolls, the kitchen staff originally used the TSP650 to print the orders for each window and wait staff would then distribute the tickets, "sticking" them to the appropriate kitchen window, alerting the cooks to a waiting order. MAXStick paper features a special repositionable adhesive which is applied to thermal or inkjet paper sealed with a proprietary coating. This means that the paper can be printed on with most roll printers to whatever length is needed, then stuck to almost any surface where it will remain until it is removed and, even, placed elsewhere. MAXStick is liner-free eliminating the need to manage non-recyclable waste. Star has approved its TSP650 printer for use with MAXStick paper.

Take-out use
In addition to the dining room systems used by the wait staff to enter diners' orders, three printers are used in the kitchen. Orders coming into the kitchen come from the 100 seat dining room, bar area and the restaurant's take-out area.

LaPiazza decided to test the TSP650 with MAXStick in three different kitchen areas. The pick-up/delivery area to help seal the customer's bag and the hot food preparation stations-where orders are placed in front of the cooks and allows cooks to easily reposition orders to work more efficiently. Finally, it was tested at the expo station, allowing MaxStick to be positioned on the plates for order accuracy. Gambino decided to utilize the printer for the busy expo station, where orders are assembled by wait staff for delivery to their customers. The receipt printer at the expo station prints the customer's completed order, combining orders from the various kitchen windows. The server can then compare the plated food with the full receipt and ensure all parts of the order are there and ready for delivery to the customer. 

As an expo window printer, the TSP650 can print anywhere from 50-200 receipts per night, especially on a Friday or Saturday. LaPiazza uses Digital Dining as its' POS software with the printers in the kitchen being connected via serial and the dining room via parallel communication. Star's TSP650 is a 2-color enabled entry-level thermal printer. The TSP650 has a print speed of 32RPM (receipts per minute) (150mm/second) and features a reliable Guillotine Cutter. The printer comes with Star's 3-year Limited Warranty, and qualifies for optional Extended Services Agreement Policies (Extend-A-Star and Swap-A-Star).
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