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Star Cloud Services Introduces the Micro Receipt

Star Cloud Services announced the release of the Micro Receipt. With the AllReceipts or Itemize app, customers can scan the QR code provided on the SCS enabled receipt to capture and store a digital copy in their mobile device. Star Cloud Services has created the Micro Receipt, which prints only the store name or logo, a time stamp, and the AllReceipts QR code, so the retailers can save on paper and increase their profits.
The Micro Receipt is a printed QR code paper receipt that can be scanned by any smartphone using the AllReceipts app to claim a digital copy of the full, itemized receipt. This allows retailers to reduce the paper size of the receipt to only 2 inches, compared to its original size.
With the option of claiming and saving a digital copy of the receipt, the receipt can be saved for long periods of time, or it can be shared with friends or used for electronic expense management with the Itemize app. Along with the purchase information, retailers utilize the back side of the digital receipt by adding coupons, promotions, terms and conditions, and more, all while saving paper.
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