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Squirrel to Debut POS for Android at NRA

Squirrel Systems will debut its Squirrel Professional POS for Android at the 2011 National Restaurant Association Show, taking place from May 21-24 in Chicago. The ability to run Squirrel Professional on an Android tablet is the latest addition to the Squirrel Mobility suite of solutions, which also includes point of sale software for Windows tablets and other mobile devices like the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Restaurants, bars, and hotels can manage their food and beverage operations by running Squirrel Professional POS software on traditional fixed touchscreen terminals as well as mobile tablets and handhelds. The ability to mix and match a growing number of available devices and platforms all on the same system gives Squirrel Professional users an unprecedented level of flexibility.

Now, with the introduction of Squirrel Professional for Android, customers have even more choice. Android is an open source mobile platform from Google that can be installed by any hardware manufacturer, providing hospitality operators a wide range of tablets from which to choose.

Because the same innovative and easy-to-use software runs on fixed terminals and Android tablets, customers using both types of hardware have a seamless experience when entering orders, managing promotions, updating menu items and prices, or sending staff alerts. Therefore, implementing Squirrel Professional with an Android tablet requires little to no training so users can spend less time thinking about technology and have more time to focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.

Squirrel Professional can be seen on a variety of mobile devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab (an Android tablet), as well as the Apple iPad, in booth #5660 at the 2011 NRA Show starting May 21st, 2011.

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