Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner Monitors Employee and Guest Wellness

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Squadle introduces the Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner, a new offering that enables restaurants to screen employee and guest health. Squadle Sense combines contactless devices, mobile apps, and web analytics so individuals can safely self-screen and comply with regulatory requirements.

Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner is a wall or stand-mounted sensor that leverages Squadle's patented ZeroTouch measurement technology and works both online and offline. Employees can sign in with an app or keycard, then stand in front of the wall-mounted sensor for a scan that takes seconds. Above-normal temperatures will trigger a manager alert and the need to take action. The product can also be configured for guests, triggering helpful tasks when guests come on-premises. The durable, rugged, and compact hardware was designed to withstand the pressure and traffic for any restaurant or retail environment.

Self-check Apps are available for both restaurant employees and operators. Employees can open the app on a separate device before they step in front of the temperature scanner to answer a set of quick screening questions from the American Health Association that will determine if they are in compliance with local health requirements. The administrator’s app provides visibility across all employee results and includes action prompts whenever a potentially ill person is identified, so they can quickly take action and prevent at-risk individuals from entering the premises.

Squadle Checklists Integration ensures every employee is being scanned for each shift, and seamlessly integrates Thermal Scanner results into a restaurant’s existing Squadle Checklists system. Using a process that managers are already familiar with, Squadle Sense triggers quick and timely corrective actions for both employees and guests, requiring manager sign-off.

The Squadle Sense Thermal Scanner is available for pre-order, with shipments to early customers starting in fall. 

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