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SpeedLine Releases Version 6.3 for POS Implementations

A new release of SpeedLine 6.3 is dedicated to delivering the flexibility and scalability restaurant companies need for a cost-effective POS implementation. Rather than forcing chains to adapt their operations to the POS, SpeedLine software is designed to offer options for everything from menu design and system configuration to integrated technology extensions.
With new coupon controls, restaurant operators can choose whether to apply a coupon automatically for package deals or loyalty rewards, or only when staff selects it. The system allows operators to apply a coupon invisibly as special pricing, or highlight the savings on the receipt. It is also possible to track the sale of a value meal or package as a single item, or track components individually.
New report options let restaurant operators tailor sales reporting to match their metrics and methods. They can include or exclude items such as coupon books or charity donation vouchers in Net Sales reporting, and see separate totals for non-taxable items, such as take-and-bake pizzas.
Chains with web and mobile ordering can choose to process payments online, or immediately authorize at the store. Customers can swipe a loyalty card at any time in the order.  SpeedLine allows operators to activate advance orders at set times, or all at once.
Managing service levels is simplified with new choices for setting quoted ready times for delivery and pickup orders. For instance, the system can calculate times automatically based on kitchen load, or staff can enter a quoted time or number of minutes for each order. The new software also includes multiple enhancements to improve reporting and administration at the head office.
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