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Smokey Bones Rolls Out Software Solution to Select Managers

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill has announced a software licensing agreement to use the PeopleAnswers HR solution in helping identify and select all managers in its 66 locations across 17 states.
Smokey Bones will use the intuitive, web-based PeopleAnswers assessment test to prescreen, select and hire all management roles and select corporate positions. PeopleAnswers will identify the Behavioral DNA of existing Smokey Bones managers allowing Smokey Bones to duplicate traits of its most effective managers in every new hire, improve the onboarding process during the critical first few months and increase employee retention.
Managers will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for candidate interview questions and succession planning. Additionally, PeopleAnswers will integrate with the applicant tracking system Smokey Bones currently uses.

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