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Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill Successfully Installs Radiant's Aloha Enterprise Suite

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill, the well-known table service chain located throughout the eastern United States has successfully rolled out Radiant Systems' Aloha Enterprise solution in more than 70 corporate restaurant locations.

"We were looking for a provider with one complete technology solution," says Ian Baines, president and CEO of Smokey Bones. "The Radiant implementation and consulting teams ensured that our rollout was as seamless as possible, and it is evident that we made the right decision as we have quickly seen key operational benefits with the Aloha Enterprise solution."

The overall Aloha Enterprise solution for Smokey Bones features the Aloha Table Service point of sale software running on P1220 hardware terminals as well as the Aloha Back Office and Aloha Management suites. Using the Aloha Back Office suite, comprised of Aloha Insight, MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory, Smokey Bones expects to see a significant increase in back office management capabilities. The Aloha Insight application provides access to multiple reports with real-time sales data, while MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory applications help to reduce food and labor costs. Smokey Bones will use the Aloha Management suite, which includes Aloha Configuration Center and Aloha Command Center, to manage the technology in all its sites.
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