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Smashburger, Mobivity Release Results to SmartReceipt Technology Implementation

Mobivity Holdings Corp., makers a platform for intelligent and personalized marketing in the real world, and Smashburger, announced the initial results of their partnership to employ Mobivity’s SmartReceipt technology to drive increased revenue, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction at Smashburger restaurants. Smashburger achieved more than $200,000 in attributable revenue within just the first 45 days of the program being launched at 190 of its corporate-owned locations.

Mobivity’s SmartReceipt allows Smashburger to reformat their receipts from plain transaction record (used to pick up a customer order) into a dynamic communications medium with customized offers for each consumer based on what they purchased. Transaction details for every receipt are compiled in the cloud where the data is applied to machine learning and other cognitive technologies to instruct future offers and predict results. The performance data collected informs not only future receipt offers and coupons, but meaningful information about the popularity of menu items, the appropriate price points for Smashburger’s offerings, and more.

The initial rollout covered 190 corporate owned locations, and functioned as a test to demonstrate whether Mobivity’s SmartReceipt could have a meaningful impact on the business. In just 45 days, participating Smashburger restaurants printed over 1.2 Million coupon-enhanced receipts which drove over 15,000 redemptions. More importantly, the average ticket (total purchase amount) for redeeming customers was $3.51 above average, demonstrating that these consumers were actually spending more while being rewarded for their loyalty to Smashburger. In fact, consumers who redeem SmartReceipt coupons return on average every 8 days, more than seven times more frequently than those that don’t utilize the offers.

“Smashburger started because we believe people want a better burger experience, and we can deliver.” Said Tom Ryan, Founder and CEO of Smashburger. “That experience doesn’t end with the taste of our burgers, it extends to the entire customer experience. Mobivity enables us to communicate and engage the modern customer in a relevant and effective way, and the data insights we get help inform a wide variety of business decisions; but the most important thing is getting results, and so far we’re thrilled with customer response to the printed coupons and the financial results for our business.”

The next step for the partnership is to roll out this technology to the rest of the more than 330 Smashburger locations in the United States.

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