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Smartphone Technology Increases Customer Satisfaction

Quick Request has announced its latest, smartphone app to help businesses in the hospitality industry to better connect and serve their customers through improved quality of service.

Quick Request is a cloud-based software service that allows customers and staff members to use their own smartphones or tablets to report problems, request services and provide feedback. The system provides companies with a more effective communication tool to instantly receive feedback to meet the needs of their customers faster and to better manage their internal operations.

Quick Request operates off of custom apps designed for each facility or room in a hotel, resort or restaurant. Guests and employees can scan the QR codes for requests such as ordering room service or amenities, providing customer feedback on surveys and reporting a specific problem to be fixed. The system records all interactions automatically and immediately notifies any concerns to the appropriate staff member.

Quick Request is a software as a service that combines the use of smartphones and QR codes to manage facilities and make employees more responsive and efficient. Quick Request allows your customers to use their smartphones to report problems, request services, and provide feedback. Because customers can easily report problems and request services and receive such a quick response, they feel that your service goes above and beyond your competitors. 
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