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Slice's Rewards Program Supports Local Pizzerias

Slice Rewards rewards consumers for supporting local pizzerias nationwide.

Slice — the innovative tech platform powering the largest network of pizzerias nationwide — is launching a loyalty program to serve the 15,000 local pizzerias and their patrons.  

Slice Rewards is a rewards program for pizza-lovers and the first to reward customers for supporting local pizzerias everywhere.

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Slice Rewards rewards consumers for supporting local pizzerias nationwide.

Slice's new rewards program is simple: Every order over $15 made on the Slice app gets you a Pizza Point. 8 Pizza Points = 1 free large cheese pizza. 

Given the impact of Slice's nationwide network, this rewards program becomes the largest pizza rewards program in the country. Slice Rewards is the first-ever rewards program designed to help local businesses thrive amid the challenges of Big Pizza competition and predatory delivery apps.

"We consider ourselves a direct partner of each small business. Our job is to help them be in business for themselves, not by themselves," said Slice CEO and Founder Ilir Sela. "Local pizzerias don't have the resources to create the rewards program like the ones we see in Big Pizza chains. It's our job to give them the guidance and tools they need to best serve their customers and that's why we created Slice Rewards."

"Without Slice, we wouldn't have the tools we need to compete in this digital economy," said Adriana Dautaj, owner of Spinachio Pizza featured in Slice's new ad campaign. "Slice Rewards and Slice's new ad campaign are incredibly valuable to growing our business. My sister and I got into this industry because of our love of making pizza. Slice takes care of the rest so we can focus on what we do best."


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