Skyware PMS and RateTiger Offer Seamlessly Integrated Tech Solutions

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Given the dynamic nature of the US hotel market, it has become imperative for properties to maintain rate parity and manage availability effectively across all connected sales channels. Skyware and eRevMax are both known for their innovative technology and stable solutions while offering excellent connectivity and support to their hotel customers worldwide.

Golden Haven Hot Springs Spa & Resort is using Skyware PMS for hotel operations as well as eRevMax’s 2-way XML solution RTConnect, for seamless online distribution through direct PMS connectivity. 

“It's been great working with RateTiger. They are consistent, easy to communicate with, and always on top of any issues we send their way,” said Tara Kendall from Golden Haven Spa LLC.

Jan Murza, Sales & Marketing Director, Skyware Hospitality Solutions commented “Our intention is to provide our customers with a seamless experience. If done the right way, the hotel should not need to utilize any additional software after the initial setup.  The interface with eRevMax is a natural extension of our services, complementing the process instead of being a separate layer. Skyware and eRevMax can work together seamlessly and interact with mutual customers as if we were a single organization.”

“Here at eRevMax, our aim is to offer frictionless solutions to our hotel customers. We work closely with our tech and channel partners to create deep integrations so that we can offer superior connectivity, while offering a wide range of channel options. With Skyware, our task becomes easier as we have similar objectives – that of providing hotels with technology solutions that help them achieve their revenue and operational targets,” said Ram Mohan Dubey, Global Sales Director, eRevMax.

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