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SIXTY Beverly Hills Hotel Staff Spends Less Time on Phone and More Time with Guests

SIXTY Beverly Hills said it selected ALICE’s hotel staff and concierge technology - ALICE Staff and ALICE Concierge - to streamline task management and improve staff communication. The luxury boutique, just steps from storied Rodeo Drive, joins sister properties SIXTY SoHo and SIXTY LES on the ALICE platform.
Implementing ALICE has transformed operations for all staff departments, including the front desk, which now has much more time to devote to guests. Since all guest requests and internal work orders are entered into and followed up with directly in ALICE, the front desk no longer has to route tasks or radio colleagues to determine the status of a request. Guests who stop by the front desk can get answers to their questions right away, and guests who call the front desk no longer have to be put on hold while staff quickly try to get in touch with other team members.
Other departments also now spend much less time on the phone. With ALICE, housekeeping and maintenance now manage their tasks on mobile devices, eliminating the need to call the front desk in between assignments. ALICE has also improved communication within and between these teams via photo attachments (which let staff instantly communicate issues with photos taken right on their mobile devices), and ALICE’s translation portal (which helps non-English speaking staff continue to communicate with one another in their native language).
The Concierge department appreciates using a concierge system that is integrated with those used by the other staff departments. Being able to submit requests to other departments via ALICE on behalf of guests, means the concierge team can assist guests with requests which may might be better directed toward another department. And because this can be done just by typing quickly into ALICE, a Concierge can attend to this while still talking with guests or fulfilling other tasks.
SIXTY Beverly Hills Front Office Manager Taryn Wolfe is delighted with how logging staff activity and guest requests with ALICE has provided her a greater understanding of her operations, as well as ensured more accountability for her team. With ALICE, there’s now a record of communication, (digital) paper trail of assignments, and insight to how long it takes for certain tasks to be completed, as well as who completed them.
“Everyone calls her ‘trusty Alice’,” says Wolfe. “She’s the greatest confidant you could have.”
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