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Silverstar Casino Slashes Reporting Time by 50 Percent with BI Platform

Silverstar Casino has successfully implemented MicroStrategy Incorporated's BI platform. Silverstar Casino is a member of Gold Reef Resorts Limited, a South African gaming and entertainment company that provides state-of-the-art gaming, dining, and entertainment facilities to the general public.
Silverstar's new BI system has greatly enhanced and simplified data analysis by providing an in-depth single view of data across all departments. The increased visibility allows for accurate and comprehensive reporting, and leads to faster and more strategic decision-making.  
"The new BI system has reduced the time we spend on monthly reporting by more than 50%," explains Anish Sana, IT Specialist at Silverstar Casino. "There is now more time to spend on operations and innovation."
Silverstar's vision of implementing a BI system to provide enhanced data analysis began three years ago. The casino evaluated three potential BI solution providers before deciding last year that MicroStrategy's offering would add the greatest value.
Sana continues, "We were impressed with MicroStrategy's self-service architecture, ease-of-use, highly visual dashboards, and mobile reporting that allows us to put the analytics and reporting in the hands of the business user. MicroStrategy's history in the business intelligence sphere also gave us confidence that we had chosen the right technology partner."
Due to the casino's limited staff resources, Sana explains, there was a concern that the initial project would not be completed within the one-year period. "However, MicroStrategy helped us achieve roll-out in less than half the time." The new BI system links seamlessly to Silverstar's existing IT environment, which includes a gaming system, point-of-sale technology, an ERP system, and a wireless infrastructure.  
"We have had many achievements in the past year," says Sana. "Since the implementation of the MicroStrategy BI platform, we were able to quickly align and structure our decisions based on our strategy, company vision, and values. Our management team is empowered with information that allows them to adapt and act upon the ever-changing customer entertainment and gaming trends. And, our new analytical capabilities will take us places that most other casinos have not experienced."
What’s next
Silverstar Casino is currently working on a project to enhance its customer entertainment service capabilities through information from the BI platform. "Early next year we expect to have in place a more mature and extended MicroStrategy platform that will be used to drive our casino gaming and entertainment promotions for our loyalty program guests," says Sana. Silverstar anticipates that a holistic view of its customers will lead to a better understanding of its service delivery requirements.
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