ShiftPixy Debuts Waitlist for Displaced Restaurant Workers

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

ShiftPixy, a gig engagement platform provider, introduces its Shifter Waitlist, allowing restaurant employees displaced by the coronavirus pandemic to sign up now for available work at restaurants when business restarts. ShiftPixy currently serves thousands of restaurant workers in markets across the country, and is rolling out its Shifter Waitlist to facilitate recovery plans for both employees and operators nationwide.

“We have heard from many multi-unit restaurant operators expressing the fear, ‘What if they don’t come back?’ when thinking about the employees they had to furlough,” said Scott Absher, CEO and co-founder of ShiftPixy.  The ShiftPixy platform is now availalbe to workers who are not currently connected with ShiftPixy's operator clients, so that when the economy reopens, ShiftPixy's client  operators will have a ready pool of locally available workers to quickly rebuild their staff.

ShiftPixy’s platform leverages AI-driven technology and the concept of gig work to elevate worker engagement in the restaurant space, offering greater flexibility between shift workers and operators with open shifts. Shift seekers can immediately start the process of boarding and qualifying for shift opportunities.

To join the ShiftPixy Shifter Waitlist, a furloughed worker need only:

  1. Download the ShiftPixy App from the Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. When prompted for your Worksite Code, click on “Don’t know your code?”
  3. Click the “I’m just looking for gigs” button
  4. Enter your information and submit by clicking “Get early access”

Despite today’s heightened levels of anxiety, the Shifter Waitlist takes aim at the certainty of emergence from this crisis. ShiftPixy is not only designed as a human capital management solution; it is also a means for restaurants to prepare their business to emerge even better once this crisis ends.



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