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ShieldQ Enforces PCI DSS Compliance for Hotel Bookings with New Web Forms

Interfax Communications Ltd., a provider of PCI DSS-compliant online messaging solutions, announced that its ShieldQ secure document acceptance and storage service now offers the hospitality industry an easy way for guests to book accommodations, supply payment card information, and attach proofs of identity, all in one, secure web form.
Until now, guests have had to enter payment card data and then either fax or email proof of identity like passports and IDs for card verification. With ShieldQ, guests fill in a form on hotel sites, attach the documentation, sign using simple freehand, and submit. All information is sent to a secure, PCI DSS-compliant inbox, where hotel staff can accept, verify, share and manage documents.
Staff receiving phone bookings can also use the form as a free ShieldQ internal upload service, eliminating the insecurity of handwritten notes, which can be misplaced or fall into the wrong hands.
ShieldQ web forms are fully customizable to match websites’ look and feel. Hoteliers can build their own forms directly within the control panel, or use built-in templates for quick implementation.
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