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Sheraton Chicago Offers Upgraded Connectivity with In-Room Computers

The Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers and the Hotel Communication Network (HCN), provider of in-room computers to hotel properties, announced today that the 1,209-room hotel will install HCN’s Navigator in-room computers property wide during the summer. The Sheraton will join two of Chicago’s other top hotel properties in deploying HCN’s in-room computers.
The HCN installations represent a groundbreaking collaboration with three of the city’s largest hotels to implement a city-wide communication network that links hotels and their guests, local businesses and meeting and convention organizers and sponsors.

Businesses can advertise their services on the computers while meetings and conventions can use HCN’s in-room computer network to enhance the experience of the meeting attendees. Once the HCN Navigators are installed, guests will be able to use the computers to access options and services including: 1) a completely up-to-date hotel guide; 2) a full set of local listings of dining, tourism, nightlife and shopping; 3) a “Business Center” in the room with the ability to surf the Web, access email, work on documents with local USB save capability and send documents to print securely in the lobby; 4) in-room boarding pass station with printing in the lobby; 5) and in-room interactive entertainment, including free and paid interactive web-based gaming and content sites.

Meeting and convention organizers will also benefit from the capabilities of the HCN Navigator in-room computers, which can store complete sets of meeting collateral, documents and announcements that can be set up on the screens in the rooms of meeting attendees.
The Hotel Communication Network (HCN) is the leading provider of in-room computers to hotel properties. HCN's Navigator in-room computers provide guests and convention attendees a “smart screen” to access hotel services, local businesses and meeting information. Under HCN’s unique business model, the deployment and maintenance of the Navigator computers are heavily subsidized by revenue from businesses that advertise their services on the computers, as well as meetings and conventions that utilize HCN’s in-room computer network to provide useful, timely information to attendees. The Navigators, which are currently deployed in two other Downtown Chicago hotels, will soon be installed into the 1,209-room Sheraton Chicago, creating a city-wide communication network connecting guests, hotel departments, local businesses and convention organizers and attendees. HCN will be establishing its presence in additional US cities beyond Chicago starting in late 2012.

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