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Shake Shack Launches Redesigned Mobile App and Introduces Nationwide Web Ordering


Shake Shack announced it will launch a redesign of its mobile app and introduce web ordering nationwide. As it continues to expand across digital channels, Shake Shack is using guest data to inform its next digital evolution with a focus on convenience and personalization.

In collaboration with development agency Fuzz and mobile ordering platform Olo, Shake Shack will relaunch its mobile app with a redesigned guest check out experience and a new look and feel that specifically address convenience and personalization. Released just under two years ago, the Shack App started as a way to offer guests a more seamless Shake Shack experience by allowing them to order ahead and schedule a pickup time. Knowing that consumers demand faster, easier and more personalized experiences, Shake Shack used guest data to develop a number of enhancements that optimize the path to purchase:



Original design and redesign shown side by side for the location feature. Source: Shake Shack.
  • On Demand Ordering: A critical driver of convenience is speed. After hearing from guests that they desired earlier pickup times that would allow them to skip the lines, Shake Shack introduced ASAP ordering  earlier this year, which now accounts for 70% of all orders placed through the appWith the redesigned app, Shake Shack takes this a step further, moving time slots from the beginning of the checkout flow to the end and removing the countdown timer to allow guests to browse and check out on their time. 
  • Reducing the amount of taps: After seeing drop off from opening to checkout, Shake Shack reevaluated and optimized the path to purchase. The new version of the app is designed to better anticipate guest needs and help them through checkout flow in as few screens as possible. Through a series of sprint based designs and user testing, Shake Shack reduced the amount of taps it takes from open to checkout by roughly 50%.
  • Order history: Many Shake Shack guests are habitual users who frequently order the same few items. Designing a simple, easy way to favorite orders was important to ensure convenience for frequent guests who want to quickly reorder.
  • Personalized Messaging: App users are among Shake Shack’s most loyal guests (with a higher average frequency and higher average spend). The app redesign lays the foundation for more personalization with the ability to strategically message based on where you are in the life cycle with things like app-exclusive menu items, special offers and local offers.
  • Designed for the future: The latest version of the app was designed for activation of new features like Apple Pay and Venmo, which will be tested and released in 2019. It’s also built for enhanced location services like geo-tracking, allowing Shake Shack to more seamlessly time guests orders for pickup and deliver a better product.
  • Fresh aesthetic: Using learnings from social channels and observing what followers were engaging with, Shake Shack refreshed the visuals of the app in order to deliver a more consistent brand experience. The new version is lighter and brighter, in line with social channels and newer in-Shack design 

Shake Shack is also expanding its web ordering pilot (previously 10 Shacks across the country) nationwide. This new ordering channel is similar in feel to Shake Shack kiosks and mobile application, and guests follow the same pick up process as the app. With higher category limits (versus the app) and the ability to check out as a guest, web ordering offers a way to attract the more transient guest.

Design of the checkout screen shown before and after redesign. Source: Shake Shack
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