Self-Service Tech Speeds Guest Orders for U.K-Based Motorway

The U.K-based motorway service operator, Welcome Back has successfully installed Radiant self-service technologies in each of its KFC sites as well as several Burger King locations within the past 12 months.
“A number of our stand-alone sites have seen great results from Radiant technology, which is why we decided to integrate the company’s solution with our current front-of-house and back-of-house restaurant installations,” says David Willock, director of information technology at Welcome Break. “We are always focused on customer satisfaction and speed of service, and Radiant has the tools to help us exceed our customers’ expectations.”
Welcome Break deployed Radiant Customer Self-Service software with integrated card payment capacities, which runs on P1520 point-of-sale (POS) self-service terminals and sends orders directly to the installed kitchen display systems. Radiant Customer Self-Service Kiosks decrease long queues at the point of service and enable Welcome Break to serve more customers during peak hours, thereby increasing throughput with improved speed of service. Radiant self-service technology optimizes sales through graphical displays, which advertise promotional and seasonal items. In addition, operators are able to re-deploy order-taking employees to other tasks such as food preparation and customer service.
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