Schneider Electric Introduces EcoStruxure Building Graph - Building Operating System Platform for Smart Building Applications

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Schneider Electric, a provider of digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced EcoStruxure™ Building Graph, a new building operating system and linked data platform. The operating system will provide the digital twin of buildings for seamless access to building systems’ data and control. EcoStruxure Building Graph delivers value for building owners, operators, and tenants by linking the complex network of interactions between humans and the building, connecting data across various systems and IoT devices, and enabling secure data accessibility and application development.

The future of smart buildings

A truly smart building uses technology to deliver space and energy efficiencies, easily accommodates change, fosters resiliency, and links occupants to a better, more connected experience. But to drive more efficient workflows across the entire building lifecycle from the design to the build phase, buildings of the future need to be digitized to allow IT and OT systems to integrate in a more seamless and connected way.

The challenge, however, is most buildings today have disparate systems, which inhibits integration. EcoStruxure Building Graph removes the complexities of integrating building systems and accessing building data in siloed environments. By introducing technology and system integration as a core component of the design phase of the building value chain, buildings will be future-proof and enable sustainable, resilient, efficient, and people-centric use cases.

“Buildings are becoming smarter and more connected resulting in an exponential growth of data,” said Luis D’Acosta, Executive Vice President of Digital Energy Global at Schneider Electric. “Making the most of the data generated by buildings and people within them is key to delivering the full value of digitization and Buildings of the Future. EcoStruxure Building Graph removes the complexities that come with integrating building systems and provides application developers with the real-time data access they need to solve customer pain points, increase operational efficiency and deliver a better occupant experience.”

EcoStruxure Building Graph’s key features

EcoStruxure Building Graph alleviates integration complexities to deliver smart applications such as:

  • Connected solutions: EcoStruxure Building Graph's technology integrates with Schneider Electric’s on-premise connected room solutions and BMS through EcoStruxure Building Operation. It is also complemented by Schneider Electric’s native cloud applications, Engage Enterprise and Building Advisor, as well as industry partner Planon.
  • A focus on occupant well-being: By aggregating and contextualizing these data types in EcoStruxure Building Graph, the values can be easily accessed for comfort score ranking and analyzed to pinpoint opportunities to improve work environments.        
  • Advanced BMS Technology: A cloud-based digital twin and linked data platform providing APIs and telemetry feeds to extensive data sources.

EcoStruxure Building Graph creates unique value by unlocking opportunities through advanced automation, connected and integrated solutions, and building environment monitoring in real-time.

EcoStruxure Building Graph in action

Today, the Dar Group, a leading, privately-owned professional services group, is putting EcoStruxure Building Graph to use at its new 19,000-square-foot European headquarters in London to create a people-centric working environment focused on employee well-being enhanced by data. Using real-time data monitoring, the collaboration has resulted in reducing carbon emissions by 18.5% and being shortlisted for the prestigious global BREEAM 2021 Awards.

“Dar Group and Schneider Electric share a common vision for creating sustainable communities worldwide,” says Andrew Loudon, UK&E MD at Dar Group. "Our European headquarters at 150 Holborn in London is pushing the boundaries of sustainable development and design with smart technology. We must have the right consultative partner and solutions to achieve the highest levels of efficiency to earn both LEED Platinum and BREEAM Excellent certifications."

Loudon continued, “Schneider Electric and its EcoStruxure Building Graph building operating system supports Dar’s sustainability goals by eliminating silos to monitor systems and aggregate data, making the data accessible in a secure, contextualized manner for these important ongoing reporting purposes.  At the same time, we will be able to leverage data to create a people-centric work environment focused on our employees’ well-being. The EcoStruxure platform using open frameworks, standards and applications enables the potential for future integrations and functionality, and this iconic building sets a new standard for buildings of the future and will serve as a model for all our new commercial office designs moving forward.”

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